Saturday, January 14, 2006

Watch the taint

Y'know Suze, it sure is easy.

There's a poll for best Indiblog. First things first, there's a jury selected. A certain man with a widely read blog volunteers for the job.

Not a prob, babe, not at all. The prob, hey, that comes later. Watch.

Then the man nominates his own blog for the award. Yep, it's pretty darned sure he would get nominated anyway, seeing as how he runs a popular blog. (And someone else did nominate him). But check the 2005-12-20 entry here: the man was the first to nominate his own blog, just two days after nominations began.

I'm like, how desperate does a man get? I'm like, should a juror not have the sense not to nominate himself to a list he judges?

(I'm like, should a blogger who won the thing last year not withdraw anyway?)

And then he actually tells his readers, not once but twice, vote for me, give me some of that love back. (Just as he did last year).

And I'm like, hey, is it any surprise that this man -- the one-time winner who lacks the grace to withdraw, the juror who nominates himself, the man who must go about asking for votes -- is it any surprise that he wins?

Such a thing as the spirit of a contest, Suze. Oooh yeah.


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